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November 6, 2020
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Crafty Projects to Make from Old Photos

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Almost everyone has a stack of old photos sitting around. Perhaps they are duplicate copies of other photos you have stored in albums, or the shots that weren't "just right." They might even be photos of people you don't even know, especially if you inherited boxes of photos from relatives. If you have some photos that you really do not need but cannot seem to throw away, why not use them to make some fun and interesting craft projects? You'll end up with some great crafty results that you can use to decorate your home, or possibly even give as gifts.

Photo Place mats

Old photos can be used to make really interesting and decorative place mats for your table. Start by using an existing place mat to trace the size and shape onto a piece of light cardboard or poster board. Then, use glue or scrapbook "photo splits" to attach the old photos to one side of the cardboard shape. You can line them up straight in a grid pattern, or attach them in a random collage fashion. When done, seal the place mat by cutting two pieces of clear contact paper that are large enough to extend about a half inch on all sides of the cardboard place mat. Sandwich the place mat between the two pieces of contact paper, making sure to seal the two contact paper sheets carefully along the free edges.

Vintage Wall Art

If you are lucky enough to own some old black and white pictures, they can be turned into vintage wall art. Choose the ones that you like the best and place in picture frames that you can hang in a nice grouping on your wall. If you have some old photos that are dear to you, you can scan them and enlarge to create a larger piece of art. This is an economical way to add some appealing vintage art to your home without spending an arm and a leg.

Make a Photo Storage Box

If you store your good photos in photo boxes, you can use some old photos to decorate them. Glue them onto the box using a collage technique, covering the bottom of the box and the lid separately. Let the glue dry, and you'll have photo storage boxes pretty enough to display on a shelf.

Crafting a Family Tree

If you are working with photos of family members and relatives, you can make a beautiful family tree poster. Start with a pre-printed family tree chart, or design your own. Then fill out the family tree information, gluing a small photo beside their information. This can be a good way of using photos of family groups, since you can simply cut a small portrait of every family member out of the same photo. When finished, place in a picture frame and display on your wall.

Photo Crafting with Decoupage

Using your photos for decoupage crafts is a fun and beautiful way to create new things. If you purchase a decoupage product such as Mod Podge, you just need to follow the instructions on the package. When using pictures, be sure to coat them with two coats of clear acrylic spray to insure that they don't smear once the Mod Podge is applied.


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