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August 30, 2020
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How To Protect Your Personal Information From Identity Thieves Online

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We all know criminals are out there, waiting to steal our information. All they want to do is run up the bill then leave you with the debt. Most of these thieves are very far away. The most common way for someone to steal your information is through a fake email and they usually say that there has been a problem with your account and needs attention and attention meaning your information.

Identifying these fake emails isn't hard, most of the time the person doesn't even have a credit card from which the company the thief is sending from. Then you can also right click on the link that they send you and even see if the website they sent is even real.

These criminals don't want you to see their website source they want you to click on the link so it will take you right to the site. Most of these sites are identical to the real credit card companies many use, therefore causing for many to steal your information as you type all your information in to the fake website.

Those of you who have become victims of this scam probably realized too late and by then the thieves would have already went on a shopping spree with your credit card, running up the bill within minutes or even seconds. Once you have entered all your info in the fake website you have already done exactly what they wanted you to do and no longer need you.

If you received an email that is a fake you should delete it ASAP. Even just clicking on the link to investigate could cause your computer to become infected with viruses or spyware, causing for them to steal your info anyways.

If you do your part and protect all your info you have nothing to worry about. As you know your personal info is very important you would never want it to fall into the wrong set of hands. As long as you keep it protected you will have nothing at all to worry about. There are always people out there on the internet waiting for you to mess up and steal your info so you should always be on the look out. All they want is your credit card info and your personal info so do everything you can to protect it and give it to no person.

A criminal will do anything they can to get what they need that is why it is so very important to keep it hidden. If you keep it protected then you will have nothing to worry about and these thieves that are out there doing this wont be able to complete their scam. Some of these thieves will even actually try and get you to send them money. They might even try to get you involved in the scam by writing you emails to help them out but you really don't know it's them messing with you.


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