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August 13, 2020
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How To Plan A Golfing Vacation

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What's not to like about taking a golf vacation? You get to wake up every morning right next to a golf course and you get to go hit a round of 9 before breakfast or 18 after, if you so choose. The course is beautiful, your score is low, the food and drink are superb, and the company you keep is of your choosing.A golf vacation makes for an excellent time, but there are a few things to consider before you grab your sticks and toothbrush and go.Advanced booking is a great idea. Plan early and be flexible about the dates and location and you're more likely to find discounts on travel, hotel, and the golf package. Do you really need to pick the swankiest course during peak golf season or will something a little less popular work for you? Examine what you really want out of your trip so you know what to look for. Specials abound, especially right now.Golf vacation package vs. a la carte is also something you need to consider. There are agencies that specialize in putting together packages for you and they certainly take away the hassle factor. Sometimes the total package - hotel/airfare/car rental/course fees are all included and it's actually cheaper. But if they don't have what you have your heart set on, then you can put all the pieces together yourself.Examine the course to see if it fits your playing style. If your ball likes to bounce off trees, then perhaps a narrow course with lots of trees isn't the one for you. Get a full description of the course, look at the layout, and listen to what others say about it. The game can be challenging enough without picking a course that's going to really frustrate you. After all, this is supposed to be your vacation.Ask your friends and acquaintances where they've gone on their golf vacations and if they would recommend it. Golfers like to help each other out and are more than happy to tell you their experiences. Location is an important consideration. Maybe you dream of rough rounds in Scotland or breezy tropical shots in Hawaii. Or perhaps you want to save on travel and go somewhere within a day's drive. Wherever it is, make it a beautiful location with other stuff to do. Chances are you won't want to golf 18 holes every single day. Take note of other activities around that interest you such as hiking paths, kayaking, museums, shopping, spa amenities or other touristy activities. This is especially wise if you have non-golfers with you.How many holes? Decide in advance how much golf you want to play and book your tee times prior to your trip. This can be conveniently done online. Then you don't have to worry about times being booked up and you can get the tee times you desire. Plan the rest of your vacation around your tee times.Consider the above when planning your golf vacation and you're more likely to end up with fond memories of a fantastic time. Factor in some low scores and your vacation will be a hole in one.


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