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You may have noticed that all your fashionable friends are suddenly all #whynfw this and #whynfw that. What's the big deal? Why should you care? You of course know all about New York Fashion Week...and you probably already know that there is now Nashville Fashion Week (and if you don't, you'll see why this matters to you too in about 3 sentences). Founded in 2010, Nashville Fashion Week was created to benefit the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. In short, it was created to help support the fashion awesomeness that is happening in Nashville!

"That's great", you say, "but I still don't know what that has to do with me. I'm not a fasionista." Let me explain:  Fashion is an industry. (Do you wear clothes?) Industry brings jobs...and not just creative jobs. Creatives need those analytical minds to help make their art a real business. The more attention and support Nashville Fashion Week garners, the more we can keep the talent...and money...right here in Tennessee. When companies see that the labor pool is here, they will set up shop. We have so much talent here in Nashville, and even a top design school (O'More College of Design) to support the industry. The music industry was not always in Nashville. People saw a need and built it. You may not know it, but that same movement is taking place right now in Nashville. For real--It's organized and everything--and you can be part of it.

Right now there are still tickets available to many of the events.  I'd bet money that you won't be able to get one so easily in the next couple of years (in fact, they are expected to sell out this year).

Sometimes we get use to all of these fabulous things happening in Nashville. I know I'm a little jaded by it all. "Oh my gosh! There's Nicole Kidman!" says a tourist.  And we answer--"Yeah, cool.  So anyway, you want to split the sushi platter or get our own rolls?" Well, I'm not going to take Nashville Fashion Week for granted, and I encourage you to join in the fun too! There are many events happening all week so check out the schedule and plan a night...or two out with your friends.  I'm sure you all deserve it!  See you there!



Vy La (of Vy La and Co.) and a VERY pregnant me at Nashville Fashion Week last year.

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