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So Easy a 3-Year-Old Can Do It!

valentine's day craft

I did this project with my 3-year-old over the course of a few days.  Each step was just the right length of time to keep her full attention.  In fact, she loved doing the Mod Podge so much that we kept going and made two of this craft!  (Which is why the pictures vary slightly.)

Supplies needed for craft


Cut the decorative paper into different shapes.  I used random shapes for the neutral colors and hearts for the red and white colored paper.

paper cutouts for craft


Mod Podge the paper onto the foam core.  Allow to dry overnight.  The glue will cause the foam core to warp, but don’t worry.  Once dry, just bend the foam core straight.  It will crack on the back, but the cracks won’t be visible from the front.

mod podge


Tape the black cardstock onto the firm back piece of the frame and install into the frame.
Glue the foam core onto the cardstock from the front of the frame.  Put weights on the foam core (I used wine bottles!) and allow to dry overnight.

valentine's day craft


Using the glitter glue, draw a heart onto the center of your foam core—I cut out a heart shape using plain paper and traced around it.

valentine's day craft


Start placing your buttons as you wish onto the glitter glue.

Valentine's Day Craft


Add more glitter glue to make your heart as wide as you wish and add more buttons as you wish.  Allow to dry overnight and you’re done!





Valentines Day Greeting Cards from Treat


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