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thrive nashville

thrive nashville

thrive nashville

thrive nashville

Looking for gifts you’ll love AND you’ll feel good about giving?  Thrive is the place for you!

Thrive is an awesome gift store located in the Shoppes on Fatherland in the Fatherland District in East Nashville.  It recently moved to a larger space in the shoppes and it looks great!  You can see the store tour in the video below.

Some stores that boast sustainable and free trade items offer products that are not really high quality, in my opinion.  This is not the case at Thrive.  Everything is something you will be proud to give as a gift because you know the recipient will love it, but you will also feel good about buying something that means as much to the maker as to the person receiving the gift.

Owner, Mark Wood, handcrafts beautiful beeswax candles right in the store and may even offer classes in the future.  There is a large variety of candles, candle holders, essential oils, incense and all the accoutrements, as well as pillows, bags, rugs, baskets, wall decor’ items, recycled glass glassware, vases, hammocks and more!  See for yourself in the store tour, then check out Mark’s Owner Spotlight and learn why he is so passionate about what he does.


1100 Fatherland Street, Ste. 107
Nashville, TN  37206
(615) 914-1534

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