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red dog beads

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red dog beads

red dog beads

If you want to make jewelry from something other than what you can find at a typical big craft store, look no further than Red Dog Beads in East Nashville.

Red Dog Beads is full of beautiful, unique beads that you won’t find at Jo- er, a big craft store.  Owner, Dottie Landry, has been in the bead business for many years, and her network, as well as her discriminating taste, makes the selection at her store really stand out from any other place in town…or out of town for that matter.  She has customers come from all over the world to check out her unique pieces.  A lot of local jewelry designers/artists come to Red Dog Beads for that very same reason.  As Dottie puts it, “If you’re going to make jewelry to sell…or make a signature piece…you want something different.  You don’t want what everybody has.”

Not an experienced jewelry designer?  Not a designer at all?  You’re in luck!  One of Dottie’s favorite things to do is help someone who has never made a piece of jewelry put together something unique and special, either for yourself or a unique gift for a friend.

In fact, Red Dog Beads offers classes for beginners.  You can check out the schedule, or get at least 4 people (total) together and book a class just for you and your friends.  Choose from beginner beading, wire wrapped pendant, earrings, and wire wrapped quartz crystal point classes.  Classes are listed on their website (look to the right of this article for links).

In the first video below, you can take a tour of the shop and see the awesome selection of beads (just know that inventory is constantly changing).

In the second, meet owner Dottie Landry and find out how she got into the bead business and why she is the go-to person for the novice as well as the established jewelry designer.

Next, see some unique beads from all over the world.  Ever see an electric insulator from the Cold War Soviet Union?  Well now you can.

Check out Red Dog Beads on Facebook and their website using the links at the right.

Red Dog Beads

The Shoppes at Fatherland
1006 Fatherland, Suite 206
Nashville, TN  37206
(615) 530-1074

Tue – Fri: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Red Dog Beads on Facebook


red dog beads

red dog beads

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