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old made good

old made good

old made good

old made good

Old Made Good…marketing goddesses…or just so brutally honest you can’t help but love them?

No matter what the answer, whatever they are doing is working.  OMG doesn’t even have a street sign (codes problems anyone?), but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone from finding them.  They are actually now in their third location because they outgrew the first two.  From the moment you pull up to park, you can see that you are in for a unique treat.  Fluorescent colors meets vintage meets kitschy greets you in the form of a smallish rainbow colored reindeer painted on the side of the building.  It’s not huge.  It’s just there, as if it’s saying, “What?  You’ve never seen a rainbow reindeer before?”  And then you open the door…and what you see can almost not even be described in words to achieve the full effect.  It’s a gold glittered floor.  I don’t know how else to describe it except:  it’s a concrete floor…that has been glittered.  And it’s awesome.  You can check it out in the videos below.

So what’s inside, besides the gold glitter floor, you ask?  Just as the name says, it’s old made good.  Vintage pieces (both clothing and furniture) brought back to life either by mere merchandising or in most cases, with some artistic love from Ashley or Kate.  Ashley owns the place and Kate is the interior/furniture guru who has been partnering with Ashley for the past few years.  Kate also does her own thing over at  Genius interior design work.

You’ll probably have to take a couple laps around the store to take it all in.  What I really love about this place is that I almost always find something I never knew I wanted or needed.  “OMG.  I have to have that old blueprint of a house I’ve never been to.  It would look freaking awesome in a frame on my wall!  Why have I never thought of that before?”  …and so on.

Back to that whole brutally honest thing…  If curse words make you blush, this may not be the place for you, bless your heart.  If you have a sense of humor and a, uh-hem, personality, you will totally get it and love it when you see a flowery embroidery that has the words “Do Epic Shit” beautifully stitched on it, or see their Facebook post that says “Sometimes you just need to get Fancy as Fuck…”, etc.

Check out the store tour below and then meet Ashley in the owner spotlight.  You’ll be glad you did!


Old Made Good, Nashville

3701 B Gallatin Pike
Nashville, TN  37216
(615) 432-2882

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