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If you appreciate the feel of great fabrics and the look of clothing that has been expertly cut and patterned, you will love LEONA.

The 12 South District has some of the best shopping in Nashville and LEONA does not disappoint.  LEONA was created by Lauren Leonard in 2008.  After working in New York City in the fashion industry, Leonard’s confidence about her own style grew and she moved back to her southern roots to start her own company and set up shop in Nashville, TN.  Now she is based out of New York City and Nashville and her clothing line is in over 200 stores worldwide.

LEONA’s contemporary collections are “known for clean silhouettes with special and feminine details” (LEONA Fall Winter 2014 Press Kit).  When I visited the store in 12 South, I was really impressed by the fabrics and the overall quality of everything I touched in the store.  I had seen pictures from their Facebook and Instagram pages, but when I actually felt the fabrics in person, I had an aha! moment.  You know how you can tell that something will be flattering just by feeling the fabric?  These clothes will flatter you.  The fabrics are like butta’.  So much care has gone into every detail of these garments.  The prints are hand drawn by Leonard.  Even the jacquard patterns are hand drawn by Leonard and duplicated by the fabric mills.  To top it all off, everything is made in the U.S.A. by family owned manufacturers with special attention being paid to quality details.

LEONA : Nashville

2309 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN  37204
(615) 383-1293

Mon-Sat:  10am-6pm
Sun:  12-5pm

LEONA : Nashville on Facebook

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