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What’s the next thing for East Nashville?  How about a secret store that specializes in musician-inspired and vintage apparel?  That would be Any Old Iron.

When you pull up to 1629 Shelby Avenue, you find what looks like a vintage grocery store.  You walk in the front door and see British snacks as well as vintage Cokes, cracker tins, a vintage cash register, and more, including some old irons.  It is all very random and unexpected.  Then, if you look closely, you will see a secret, hidden entrance to another room.  If you are brave enough to venture through the entrance, you will find yourself in a freaking awesome, kickass boutique full of men’s leather jackets, rockstar denim, wallets, dresses, and so much more.  In the back is a vintage shop, specializing in women’s vintage clothing.

The entire store is full of vintage refurbished pieces, including the walls.  There are so many details:  a telephone that is actually liquor storage, wallpaper that is definitely not politically correct, I could go on and on.  You can see some of these details in the video below.  You can also check Any Old Iron out online using the links at the right and find out the story behind the name and the idea of the place that was started by designer/stylist Andrew Clancey and arts-entrepreneur Christopher Melton.  I highly suggest going there yourself.  You’ve got to see this one to believe it.



Any Old Iron

1629 Shelby Avenue
Nashville, TN  37206
(615) 953-2502

Monday:  appt. only
Tues/Thurs:  12pm-7pm
Wednesday:  appt. only
Fri:  12pm-8pm
Sat:  12pm-7pm
Sun:  12pm-5pm

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