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Sure, you can bring the baby some cute shoes or an outfit he’ll probably never wear, but what you should really bring when you visit a new little one is something for the Mom!  She’s the one who could use some tlc.  The baby is well taken care of—Mom’s making sure of that. 

I don’t suggest giving a massage or a salon treatment for a couple reasons:  1.  Mama’s not going anywhere for a while.  She’s tired and she probably doesn’t want to be far away from her new little one.  2.  If she’s breastfeeding or not, she’s sore.  She does not want to be touched and massaged unless it’s from her doula who comes to her home to do it.  Trust me.  She can barely hug without pain, let alone lay on her stomach, and she definitely doesn’t want to be relaxed and leaking all over the place.  Just sayin’. 

So what does a new mama want or need?  

Snacks!  While we’re on the topic of breastfeeding, if she is, then she is hungry!  A woman is supposed to eat 150 extra calories a day when she’s pregnant, but she’s supposed to eat 500 extra calories a day if she’s breastfeeding!  A basket of snacks is a great gift because the new Mom doesn’t have time to cook or even prepare something quick.  She needs things she can grab quickly and that have a lot of protein.  This is my go-to gift for my friends when they have children.  Some great snack are:

  • Dried edemame
  • Nuts—almonds, cashews, macadamia
  • Dried fruit or fruit leather
  • Energy bars-I personally prefer Luna bars
  • Beef Jerky
  • Cookies
  • M&Ms or similar chocolate
  • Breakfast bars
  • Yogurt covered raisins
  • Water bottles, flavored water
  • Instant soup


Comfy Clothes/pajamas.  If Mom even gets out of her pajamas, she does not want to wear anything uncomfortable.  Knit shirts (long), yoga pants, comfy pjs with a robe, a cardigan sweater, and long tank tops (nursing tanks if she’s breastfeeding).  

The links below will take you directly to some nice comfy pajamas.

A Meal.  This is one of the best gifts you can give a new Mom.  She’s tired, but she’s soooooo hungry—mainly because she doesn’t have the energy or time to cook a meal!  Help a Mama out and order her a pizza, order take-out, grab a rotisserie chicken, bread from the bakery and an instant salad from the supermarket, or just make double of whatever you are feeding your family that night and drop it off—do not go inside…do not visit—just drop the food off and let the new Mom and family enjoy the meal.  Give her a heads up that you will be bringing a meal so she knows she does not need to worry about dinner that night.  My local Moms Club (awesome organization btw!) chapter does this for all new Moms in the club.  They use a service called Care Calendar to organize who is taking meals and when.  That way the family knows when someone is bringing them a meal.  It’s takes so little time out of your day to drop off a meal (especially if you just order take-out—from a decent restaurant), but it is such a HUGE help to the new Mom.  I like to wait until after Grandma and Grandpa have gone back home if they are in town visiting.  This is when Mom really needs the extra help.


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