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seraphine designs

seraphine designs

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seraphine designs

Gorgeous.  Raw.  Classic.  Brooke Seraphine takes natural pyrite and other rocks and minerals to a beautiful new level.

Honing her craft in her home studio in Nashville, Brooke Seraphine--Mom, model, designer, creates some of the most beautiful jewelry I have ever seen.  I first saw Seraphine Design when Amanda Valentine wore one of her necklaces on Project Runway.  The necklace totally caught my attention and I wondered who made it.  Fast forward to a few months ago when I saw a feature on Brooke in the East Nashvillian.  I instantly recognized the necklace as the style Mrs. Valentine had worn.  I was so glad to make the connection!  

Brooke's story really is a fascinating one.  She started modeling at age 18, and her natural eye for beauty and design carried over to fashion and interior design jobs that had her working for some of Nashville's most elite residents.  Her work took her all over the globe, allowing her to see some of the places she had learned about from her parent's National Geographic collection she had perused as a child.  When Brooke stayed home when her daughter was born, she started playing around with jewelry design. While coming up with ideas she always went back to a beloved necklace her Uncle had designed back in the 70's and had been used in an Estee Lauder campaign in Vogue.  She had always loved the necklace and had been especially drawn to it.  It became her inspiration.  Brooke found sources for the rocks and minerals she wanted to use in her designs, and took classes to learn how to create the pieces she envisioned.  Through a lot of trial and error…and drill bits…she created exquisite, unique works of art that instantly garnered rave reviews, including some A-list fans.  And it's no wonder:  each design is the ultimate statement and conversation piece that is sure to get you noticed. 

You can see the entire Seraphine Design jewelry line on her website as well as in select boutiques.

seraphine design

brooke seraphine

Brooke Seraphine, Designer

seraphine designs

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