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organic punk rings

organic punk necklace

organic punk ring

organic punk necklace

Organic Punk.  I don't think the name could be any more appropriate...

...because that's exactly what this jewelry is.  Designer and artisan Lizzy Lee creates punk-rocker-worthy crystal and stone jewelry right here in Nashville, TN.  Perhaps one of the most interesting things I have learned about Lizzy so far is that she first created jewelry to fit a need.  

Growing up in a natural household, if she wanted something, she had to make it.  So from a young age Lizzy learned how to make things.  Even so, her foray into jewelry-making didn't come until she was an adult.  In fact, she didn't even use to wear jewelry! 

Lizzy is a Reiki Master and a 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Certified Instructor.  She also performs Crystal Healing, usually along with a Reiki session (as per her website).  Naturally, she keeps crystals on her person for the metaphysical benefits, but she found herself stuffing them in her pockets, bra, etc...places that were not convenient or comfortable.  So out of necessity, she started creating jewelry using the crystals ...and Organic Punk was born.

According to Lizzy, her style has evolved to what it is today:  understated with a punk edge.  They are statement pieces that don't need to shout to get your attention, which is what I personally love about them.  

You can learn more on her website and Facebook page.

organic punk necklace karma

Lizzy Lee of Organic Punk

Lizzy Lee of Organic Punk


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