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my gnome on the roam

I have found the perfect gift for all the kiddo birthday parties you will attend this year!

Meet Gustov.  He's a gnome.  A gnome on the roam.  The brainchild of Anne Armstrong, award winning children's book author, My Gnome on the Roam is a book and adventure kit that the whole family will love.  Don't worry Mom and Dad--that doesn't mean this is going to become an exhausting chore for you!  Quite the contrary.  This kit is designed to help you create 15 minute adventures that your child will love!  

The kit includes a suitcase that contains:

I love this entire concept.  A lot of times we think we need to create these big experiences and go on a huge excursion to make lasting memories for our kids.  But I imagine piling the family in the their pajamas...with hot chocolate travel drinks...while listening to holiday music (or heck, any fun music) would be something your child will remember forever.  I can just hear the giggles now.  

This awesome adventure kit will all be available June, 2015 so mark your calendar and visit My Gnome on the Roam website to sign up for their updates and be one of the first to get your own.  The website is beautiful and really fun to explore too!


"We want to build a super active community where you'll be able to learn about and interact with families from around the world and showcase your family stories."

-Anne Armstrong, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, My Gnome on the Roam


My Gnome on the Roam Kit



Meet Gustov!


My Gnome on the Roam

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