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Music City Leather Red Kangaroo & Black Baby Calf. 5 row white & grey stitching

Music City Leather Black Baby Calf & Steel Kangaroo Inlay, 1 5/8" heel, blunt toe

music city leather

Music City Leather Green kangaroo and oil tanned bison with an 8 row Americana Stitch.

If you are the kind of person who wants the best looking, most comfortable boots possible…

…you will want to check out Music City Leather-Custom Boots.  The boots are hand-crafted by Wes Shugart from start to finish.  In his unpretentious shop full of all the right tools, Wes makes the most beautiful, yet wearable boots you have ever seen.  Just the craftsmanship alone is beyond impressive.  

According to Wes, they say there are over 360 steps to making a custom boot (although he’s been too busy making boots to bother to count for himself).  When you watch the videos below, you will see for yourself how much talent and skill goes into making a custom boot that fits like a dream and stands the test of time.  

In the first video, Wes walks us through the custom boot-making process and shows us some of the tedious stitching process.

Then, check out the quick story about one of Music City Leather’s customers who killed an alligator and brought the hide to be made into a pair of custom boots!

In the third video, see why true American Craftsmanship is still alive at Music City Leather.

In the last video, learn about the history of the cowboy boot.  Every part of the cowboy boot has a reason for being there, the heel, the pointed toe, even the decorative stitching.  I know I learned a lot!   

Check out Music City Leather on Facebook or get additional information from their website by clicking the links on the right of this page.

Music City Leather
Custom Boots

Nashville, TN

(615) 533-4882

Music City Leather on Facebook

music city leather

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