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margaret ellis jewelry     

margaret ellis jewelry

margaret ellis jewelry

There is no doubt why Margaret Ellis Jewelry is being featured in the "Accessories as Art" show for Nashville Fashion Week. I could have spent hours in the studio trying on every piece of beautifully hand-crafted jewelry.

Margaret Ellis Jewelry's studio is located in Cummings Station right behind the Frist Center. It is absolutely worth a visit, and not just because they give you a discount if you purchase in the studio. (But that sure is a great perk!) You can't go anywhere else and see the entire collection in one place.

Hand-crafted metals, ethically sourced stones, and strong, modern yet timeless designs greet you as you walk into the main showroom. Every piece of jewelry has been hand crafted just 20 feet away in their sunlit workshop by owner Mclaine Richardson and master metalsmiths Edward Tomlin and Anjy Smith. With over 60 years experience between the team, you can just imagine the impeccable quality each piece of jewelry displays. The jewelry truly are pieces of art.

In the past, I've seen jewelry that is definitely creative and easily considered works of art, but the jewelry at Margaret Ellis is a step above. It is refined and tasteful. Again, I can't really adequately describe the level of quality. To me, that is what really sets them apart. It's the years of mastering techniques and making those small adjustments that make a HUGE difference in the end result. It's the difference between a piece of jewelry being labeled "crafty" or showing true "craftsmanship." 

Come see some of this fabulous collection at the Accessories as Art show for Nashville Fashion Week this Wednesday, April 8th, at the Cordelle. You can purchase tickets here. 

Learn more about Margaret Ellis Jewelry on their website here.



Margaret Ellis Jewelry

209 10th Avenue South, Suite 309
Nashville, TN 37203

(615) 255-3255

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