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If you've ever wanted to witness a fashion brand at its tipping point, you are going to want to keep an eye on Magness.

Created by Evan Magness, this clothing line is simply brilliant. When you see it you will wonder why no one has done this before.  Well, I'll say this--it only looks like it would be easy to do. It's not. In fact, according to one of Magness' crew:

"It’s not something he’d ever admit to, but it can be grueling. It takes hours to cure, band, dye and tone a garment (and it’s quite the chemistry lesson), but for Evan it’s a labor of love."

Magness takes minimal, classic vintage garments and gives them new life by over-dyeing, and/or bleaching them using techniques such as banding, color lifting, resist dyeing and more. I am in love with this line. It is currently sold exclusively at Local Honey, which is due to open its second store in East Nashville in the next couple of weeks.  (Spoiler alert--A feature on Local Honey is also in the works!)

One of the most exciting things I learned while researching this feature is that Magness is going to be releasing a new line of completely original pieces this Summer! A look book video, shot by photographer Dylan Reyes, is already getting its finishing touches! Eeeeeek! I can't wait!

Keep an eye on this guy--he's going places.

Awards and Mentions:  

In 2013 Magness participated in a pop-up shop sponsored by Urban Outfitters that featured five Nashville designers. He was also featured in the 2015 Spring Fashion Spread for NFocus Magazine (styled by Nashville designer Amanda Valentine).

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