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Merry Beth Myrick, owner/artist of Hardwear Merry
…to know her is to love her

…And if you do know her, you know that is not an exaggeration.  Hardwear Merry is an awesome jewelry line that is created in Nashville, TN; East Nashville to be exact, by Artist Merry Beth Myrick.  While there is no flagship boutique (yet!), you can find Hardwear Merry offered around town at boutiques such as Alegria, Oliv Body Bar in Edgehill, Tennessee Renaissance Center in Dickson, and most recently the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville as well as Allison Wickey Art Gallery in Rosemary Beach, and Trevor Mikula’s art gallery in Cape Cod.

BUT…One of THE BEST places to buy Hardwear Merry is through her Facebook page!  Every Wednesday night at 8:00 CST, Merry Beth hosts a live comment sale!  You better warm up your fingers because these pieces go FAST…like SUPER FAST.  The sale is made possible through Soldsie, and if you don’t have a Soldsie account yet, it takes about 2 whole minutes to sign up–just click on the soldsie icon on the Hardwear Merry Facebook page.  Once you have an account, you just comment “sold” in the comment section of a picture of the jewelry you want and BAM!–it’s yours!  Soldsie automatically invoices you (you have to pay within 2 hrs or it goes to the next person who commented “sold”) and it’s shipped out (usually) the next day.  SO easy…and fun!

In the videos below, you will get to meet Merry Beth (or learn something new about her!).  

In Part One, Merry Beth tells us how she got started in the jewelry business.  

In Part Two you’ll find out something she bets most people don’t know. 

And in Part Three, you will get to see some of her techniques in action.  

Check it out and let me know if you knew how much work goes into a hand-crafted piece of jewelry.  It is true artistry.  I found it fascinating to see how much work Merry Beth puts into creating each piece…from the hand-folded metal down to the clasp for a necklace!  Enjoy!

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