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It's Not About You

When giving a gift, one of the biggest mistakes, that is so easy to make, is to get people something they may need, but not what they want.  Sometimes this is okay, if it’s something that the person will enjoy, and it doesn’t insinuate that the person should improve themselves in some way.  For instance, it’s okay to give someone a nice flat iron even if they didn’t ask for it, if they are always complaining about how long it takes to straighten their hair with their cheapo flat iron.  It’s NOT okay to get them a flat iron if they always wear their hair curly but you are always telling them they should straighten it.  Get it?  

Another instance in which you should really stick to what a person wants—and has asked for—is when someone has a gift registry.  

My {FAVORITE} flat iron--{Love} Chi!  (

Wedding registries

Stick to the list!  The couple has taken the time to search for the items they want, items that show their style as a couple.  They may have even argued and had their first real compromise over that set of wooden bowls.  You’re just making more work for them to return unwanted gifts by picking out something that is more in line with your own taste.  If you don’t like any item on the registry and just can’t make yourself purchase something from their list, do everyone a favor and get them a gift card or cash.

One King's Lane has some {BEAUTIFUL} gift items:

Baby registries  

Again, stick to the list.  The exception I give here, is if it’s a first-time Mom and you can tell that she has not registered (and you know she doesn’t already have) some really crucial items.  If that is the case, buy something from the registry as well as the item you know she will need.  Also, it’s always nice to buy something from the registry for the baby and then something special just for Mom.  Something I like to add in addition to an item from the registry is infant medicine.  Any experienced Mom will tell you that the first time your baby has a fever is not the time you want to realize you have to run to the store and get some medicine.  You want to make your baby feel better as soon as possible.  Mom and Dad will be saying a special thank you well after the baby shower when they realize they don’t have to make a midnight drug store run. 

Gift giving is about showing the other person how much you care about them as they are.  Everyone wants to be accepted, with all their flaws, and gift giving is just another way to do that.

Happy Gifting!

My go-to infant fever reducer:

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