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Shopping for men can be challenging sometimes.  I think it’s because they don’t accessorize as much as women do.  Women are usually pretty easy to shop for.  If you are in a pinch, you really can’t go wrong with jewelry, a new bag, or “smelly goods,” as my sister calls lotions and such.  Shopping for men, in my opinion, requires more thought.  Here are a few guidelines that might help you figure out what gift is right for your man:

Is he a well-groomed guy who cares about such things as his eyebrow bushiness (and overall body hair “kemptness”), if his shoes match his outfit, and what jeans are in fashion.  If he is that guy, they you have A LOT of options.  If he’s not that guy—you still have some great options!  If he is that guy, then get him a gift certificate to the salon he already frequents, or get him a pair of killer shoes or article of clothing (or gift certificate for them if you aren’t sure of the correct sizes).  If he’s not that guy, he probably needs a wardrobe update but hates shopping.  He would love it if you got him some new shirts or jeans.  Don’t try to change him.  Your traditional guy is not going to be comfortable wearing the latest hipster skinny jeans.  You can get him something current without making him uncomfortable.  For example, the wash of a pair of jeans can be current, while the fit can be more traditional. 

I-Tunes Gift Cards.  Now, this may seem generic or like a cop-out, but most of the guys I know download either a lot of music or a lot of books.  You can pair the gift card with something too.  I like to do this a lot.  If you know he loves to read, get him a book you think he might enjoy.  I would make this an easy-read book or one that is full of quotes or jokes.  Most people won’t dig into a really large book unless they choose it.  You can also pair the gift card with a CD or a DVD of a live concert performance or a movie or a historical documentary.  It’s something he probably wouldn’t buy for himself, but would enjoy.  

Tickets or “Experience Gift”.  Get 2 tickets to a concert he would love or to a sporting event.  If it’s for your significant other, you can pair it with a card that says:  Fun Night Out!  Dinner is on me and then we are going to see (insert name of band here)!  If you want to go crazy, instead of (or in addition to) dinner or a concert you can get a hotel room for the night.  In the giftbox, put a little something that you will wear and write a card that says:  You.  Me.  Hotel Room.  ‘Nuff said.  

Another great experience gift is for a driving/racing experience or a hot air balloon ride.  You can find these close to most major cities.  It’s something he would probably LOVE but would never buy for himself.  Most of these are a little pricey, and you definitely want to read the reviews.  I recently went in with my family and got my brother a driving experience where he got to choose from different car options:  Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc. and go around a track.  He had the most awesome time.  He was really glad we got the one we did because he had heard some of the other companies don’t allow the participants to go around a track, but only down a straightway.  I don’t know anything about cars, but I guess this was a big deal to him to be able to make turns on the track. 

Just make sure you schedule things out enough in advance that he can make plans to be there.


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