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As a mother of 3 girls, I know how different each one is from another.  I’m sure you will find a great gift idea below for the little princess in your life, whether she is a "Fancy Nancy" or a "Sporty Sue!"

The Artist

For your budding artist, there are tons of gift options.  Check out the ones I wrote about in my Gift Guide for Boys 4-6, as they totally apply for girls too!

If you’re looking for a bit more sparkle, check out these fun glitter foam sheets.  You can get the plain back kind at Staples--$24.99 for a pack of 50, or what I actually prefer is the kind with a self-adhesive back, like this pack of 10 sheets for $6.99 from  It just makes life easier to not have to mess with glue.

Pair the glitter foam and maybe some other craft paper with a set of fun craft scissors like these from for $29.99.  (Lakeshore Learning also has some glitter paper w/o the self-adhesive back and craft paper if you want to order all of your supplies in one place!)

The Imitator

For the girl who wants to be just like Mommy or Daddy, there are so many options for great gifts.  If your little girl doesn’t already have a play kitchen, this is almost always a winner gift.  (I’ve never seen a child-girl or boy-who doesn’t like a play kitchen, but I’m sure there are exceptions.)  There are tons of options for play kitchens out there.  Whichever one you choose, your child will love--so don't stress too much over all the options.  You can get a simple Little Tykes kitchen for $79.99 at or get one of these cool options, either vintage or modern, from for $172.99-$186.99

If she already has a play kitchen, stock it up!  This wooden cookie set from Melissa and Doug is available at for $24.99 (on sale at the time of this post for $19.99!).  This is a great stand-alone gift even if you are not sure if little one has a play kitchen or not. 

If the girl you’re buying for prefers bandages over baking, a doctor’s kit might be the right prescription.  Most doctor kits for kids are cheap, plastic sets, which is fine and of course lots of fun, but this set from for $34.99 has a metal case and wooden doctor tools.  It’s definitely a nice gift you will be proud to give.

The Builder 

See my Gift Guide for Boys 4-6 for some great options for blocks for this older kiddo.  Blocks are a classic toy for a reason—kids love them!  If you want a more girly option, try this cute set of castle blocks from for $29.98.

The Star

If the little girl you’re buying for loves to sing into a microphone or dance like no one’s watching, try one of these:

A keyboard with a microphone means hours of fun for your superstar.  You can get a basic one that actually has a lot of features from for $24.99:

...or you can go the extra step and get this one from that also has a place for an ipod or iphone to plug in for $62.86

Put together a unique rockstar gift with this feather boa (starting at $5.31), a guitar and microphone set ($19.97), and a make-up set ($9.88) that will make every little girl squeal with delight!  (With the explanation that it's just for play and must be washed off before leaving the house, of course!)  All conveniently available at  


::Rock on gift givers! 

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