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Designer Renaissance

Do you enjoy wearing nice things?  Wish you could afford to dress at your taste level?

Then may I present:  Designer Renaissance!

Designer Renaissance is a consignment store that specializes in brand name clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Owner, Jodi Miller, expertly curates everything that comes in the store.  She has that special talent of knowing what fabrics and cuts look good on every body type.  Have something in your closet that you never wear because you aren’t sure HOW to wear it?  Bring it in and Jodi and her team of experts will put a whole look together for you.  No pressure though.  Working with her team is more like hanging out with your girlfriends.  They just want you to look and feel great!

Designer Renaissance

Owner, Jodi Miller

Designer Renaissance opened in 1988.  Jodi has seen the store go from almost all skirt suits to the eclectic, trendy selection it is today.  “We try to sell what we think people are buying…Even my banker doesn’t wear a suit to work anymore,” says Miller.  “We have a few investment pieces…like handbags rather than clothing, except for some special occasion things.  We like to just address what people wear every day…it tends to be more playclothes.”

Come see it for yourself.  You can’t miss the Burberry plaid painted house with the big red purse sign.  Pull around back to find plenty of parking.  When you walk in, you’ll see red bottom shoes (you know what that means!), designer jeans, dresses, and jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, and more!  Check out the store tour to see for yourself.  I have never gone into Designer Renaissance and not found something I love…and I’m always shocked by the price–in a good way!  For instance, I found the perfect structured, strapless little black dress the last time I was in there–for only $28!!  Obviously the Louboutins cost more than that, but you will be amazed by the deals in here!

Check out the store tour below!

Designer Renaissance

2822 Bransford Ave.
Nashville, TN  37204
(615) 297-8822

Mon – Sat: 10:00 am – 5:45 pm

Designer Renaissance Facebook Page

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