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Christmas Season is almost here!  Save yourself!

No, really—Save yourself some time and money by starting your shopping now.  If you haven’t made your list of what you need to buy yet, take a look at my previous post here.  If you have, you may already have a good start on your purchases.  There are many reasons to get going on your list now, and here are just a few: 

There are tons of deals and coupons out there.  Stores are begging for your business!  I’ve received at least 4 coupons in the mail just this week from stores I’ve shopped at in the past, not to mention all the deals I’ve seen in the Sunday paper and online.  Start saving those coupons and match them up to gifts you want to buy.  Make sure you make a plan of when to use them since they all have different dates during which they are good to use.

One word:  SHIPPING!  Pick one or two online stores a week and do all of your shopping you need to do on that site so you can knock that list out before the big rush—and before it’s too late to safely ship in time for Christmas.  It totally sucks to find the perfect gift online a week before Christmas and have to pay for extra shipping to get it there in time.  

Lastly, if you start shopping now, you get to pick from full inventories instead of facing a bunch of sold out items or find an item you want but not in the size you need.  You’ll have the pick of the best items and won’t have to settle for a great sweater in a strange color that you know they are never going to wear. 


Just think of how happy you will be relaxing by the fire with your cup of hot cocoa while all the rest of the suckers out there battle the weather and the traffic scrambling to find the right gifts.


*photo credit:  Jennifer Vahle

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