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Made In Nashville :: Vy La and Co.

Sparkles, Tulle, and Lace. Everything you could want in a little girl’s hairbow. That is what Vy La and Co. does. On their site and in specialty boutiques like The Plaid Rabbit, you will find the prettiest hair accessories that every little princess will love to... read more

Made In Nashville :: Shattered Heart Designs

Looking for something simple with a rocker edge to go with your favorite tee…or wear with your lbd this weekend? Look no further! I was so thrilled to wear Shattered Heart Designs jewelry for Nashville Fashion Week. It went perfectly with everything. The... read more

Made In Nashville :: Margaret Ellis Jewelry

There is no doubt why Margaret Ellis Jewelry is being featured in the “Accessories as Art” show for Nashville Fashion Week. I could have spent hours in the studio trying on every piece of beautifully hand-crafted jewelry. Margaret Ellis Jewelry’s... read more

Store Showcase :: Local Honey

You want unique? Local? A great shopping experience? Then you want Local Honey. Local Honey is an established women’s and men’s clothing store and hair salon that has the. best. offering of locally made clothes and jewelry in Nashville. The vibe of the... read more

Made In Nashville :: Magness

If you’ve ever wanted to witness a fashion brand at its tipping point, you are going to want to keep an eye on Magness. Created by Evan Magness, this clothing line is simply brilliant. When you see it you will wonder why no one has done this before.  Well,... read more

Accessories as Art Designers Released!

Nashville Fashion Week has just released the names of the designers and makers who will be showcased in the Accessories as Art show Wednesday April 8th at the Cordelle!  It is the first Accesories focused show for Nashville Fashion Week. You may recognize that one of... read more

#whynfw…what’s the big deal?

You may have noticed that all your fashionable friends are suddenly all #whynfw this and #whynfw that. What’s the big deal? Why should you care? You of course know all about New York Fashion Week…and you probably already know that there is now Nashville... read more

Made In Nashville // A Fashion Movement

There is a fashion movement happening in Nashville. Jewelry designers, fashion designers, printers and more are crafting the most beautiful and well thought out products in their home studios, Marathon Village shop, or at their kitchen table after the kids go to bed.... read more

Made in Nashville :: Organic Punk

Organic Punk.  I don’t think the name could be any more appropriate… …because that’s exactly what this jewelry is.  Designer and artisan Lizzy Lee creates punk-rocker-worthy crystal and stone jewelry right here in Nashville, TN.  Perhaps one of... read more

Made In Nashville :: Seraphine Design

Gorgeous.  Raw.  Classic.  Brooke Seraphine takes natural pyrite and other rocks and minerals to a beautiful new level. Honing her craft in her home studio in Nashville, Brooke Seraphine–Mom, model, designer, creates some of the most beautiful jewelry I have... read more

Store Showcase :: Any Old Iron

What’s the next thing for East Nashville?  How about a secret store that specializes in musician-inspired and vintage apparel?  That would be Any Old Iron. When you pull up to 1629 Shelby Avenue, you find what looks like a vintage grocery store.  You walk in the front... read more

Store Showcase :: Nancy B Goods

Tired of being priced out of your neighborhood?  That is not a problem over at nancybgoods. I will say that most of the boutiques in East Nashville keep it real when it comes to prices, but even so, I was amazed at the selection and the prices offered at nancybgoods.... read more

Store Showcase :: Moxie Fearless Furnishings

Want your home to look like it stepped off the screen of a brilliantly designed movie set?  Then you’ll want to check out Moxie! Moxie Fearless Furnishings is the brain-child of Scott and Elaine, two film production designers who shared a prop house for 14 years and... read more

Store Showcase :: Abode

Want a highly curated offering of local Nashville products that you won’t find anywhere else?  Welcome to Abode. Abode is located at the Shoppes on Fatherland in East Nashville, just down the street from Five Points and over the bridge from downtown Nashville.  They... read more

Store Showcase :: The Willow Tree

Just minutes from downtown Nashville in the Sylvan Park neighborhood is one of the best places for gifts you can find.  And they gift wrap for free! The Willow Tree, with dedicated parking right in front of the store, has some of the most beautiful gift and seasonal... read more

Store Showcase :: LEONA

If you appreciate the feel of great fabrics and the look of clothing that has been expertly cut and patterned, you will love LEONA. The 12 South District has some of the best shopping in Nashville and LEONA does not disappoint.  LEONA was created by Lauren Leonard in... read more

Store Showcase :: Savant Vintage

Searching for vintage you can actually wear?  Search no more! It’s right here at Savant Vintage. Savant Vintage is located in the 12 South area of Nashville.  It was there before 12 South was cool.  For 13 years Savant has been doing vintage right.  Owner... read more

Store Showcase :: Designer Renaissance

Do you enjoy wearing nice things?  Wish you could afford to dress at your taste level? Then may I present:  Designer Renaissance! Designer Renaissance is a consignment store that specializes in brand name clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Owner, Jodi Miller, expertly... read more

Store Showcase :: Nutmeg

So you like fabric…and yarn…and ribbon…and you like to make stuff?  You have GOT to visit Nutmeg! Nutmeg is located in the Shoppes at Fatherland in the Fatherland District in East Nashville (just a hop skip and a jump down from Five Points…no seriously…you can walk it... read more

Store Showcase :: SOCA Nashville

You know when you are looking in your closet for something that isn’t there?  SOCA has it. This fabulous, spacious shop in Green Hills has all of the pieces you need to update your wardrobe each season, but I wouldn’t call them trendy.  Rather, I would say that SOCA... read more

Store Showcase :: The Label

Think you have to head out to L.A. or NYC for a unique look fit for rockin’ out on stage?  Think again.  The Label’s got you covered. Whether your budget is “starving artist” or “sky’s the limit,” The Label has what you need for a complete head-to-toe look.  From... read more

Store Showcase :: Thrive

Looking for gifts you’ll love AND you’ll feel good about giving?  Thrive is the place for you! Thrive is an awesome gift store located in the Shoppes on Fatherland in the Fatherland District in East Nashville.  It recently moved to a larger space in the shoppes and it... read more

Store Showcase :: Moss

Boho chic fashion and statement piece jewelry is what you will find at Moss Boutique. Moss is located in the Idea Hatchery on Woodland Street near Five Points in East Nashville.  Don’t let its small size fool you.  This little place packs a big punch with beautiful... read more
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