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The holiday season is behind us, on to 2014!  Yay!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday, full of fun gifting…and I really hope you did not have the flu like I did!  Yuck—not  fun!  Now that the crummy flu has passed (and passed through my three kiddos!), I am energized to get 2014 started. 

One thing about the craziness of the holidays is that I kind of forget that immediately following are all of the playdates and dinner plans that got pushed until “after the holidays,” as in:  “Oh, I am really booked through the New Year, but let’s get together the first week of January.”  Aaaagghh!  Before I know it, the first two weeks of January are scheduled!  Then it also hits me:  January birthdays!!!  I actually have a sibling with a January birthday and every year I am late with a gift.  I bought the gift in December, but I always forget to mail it in time!  Duh-oh!  Sorry J!  I think I’m going to make it in time this year…maybe…

{Let this be your official reminder to look ahead in your calendar and see what birthdays are coming up this month.}

 The great news?  There are some {AWESOME} sales going on right now!  Here are a few I’m loving:

You know I {LOVE} Hardwear Merry’s jewelry line and she is having a HUGE sale right now on her Facebook page.  $20 worth of jewelry for $10!  (limit 2)  You can redeem the $20 worth of jewelry on any of her live sales on her Facebook page, which she does weekly.  The sales are run through Shopify


If you aren’t familiar with Shopify, check it--> It’s an easy-peasy way to shop on Facebook!  You just sign up with Shopify (find them on FB here), which takes maybe 2 minutes, and Boom!—you’re ready to shop on Facebook with anyone who is signed up with Shopify.  All you do is comment “sold” under the image of the item you want to purchase.  Shopify then emails you an invoice and you pay online at your convenience.  Brilliant! is having a sale—up to 70% off!  Gotta love that!


Red, one of my favorite gift sites, is having a winter sale—up to 50% off!  

Take advantage of the sales and think about stocking up on gifts you know you will need throughout the year.  You will be so glad you did when you remember last minute about a birthday, but then quickly relax because you’ve already got it covered!

Happy Gifting!

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